Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy New Ye... wait.

A few days ago, I was Etsy-lurking when I stumbled upon someone selling homemade soaps that look amazing.

I mean, seriously, who can do things this amazing?

Me, being the completely unrealistic person I am, decided that I will learn to do this. And drag my BFF into the destruction.

She's agreed, btw.

Anyway, while looking for instructions on the internet [and mind you, there is no shortage of people with a desire to tell you how to make soap/ their personal feelings concerning soap], I fell upon a blog-rant about how my generation sucks the big one, and couldn't survive for more than a week if lost in the wilderness. And that's when I realized that despite the fact that I was in Girl Scouts for over half of my life thus far, this guy would probably win that bet on me. So My New Years Resolution, which I'm making at the end of March is:

I want to learn to be completely self-sufficient. I want to know how to make my own soap,



ok, this actually looks terrifying, so forget moonshine

and for God's sake, I was in GS for 12 years and still suck at building a fire.

the goal

This has got to change. By this time next year (and I appreciate the fact that this may take more than one year, but I work well with unrealistic goals), I want to be ready to make all of life's necessities from scratch if necessary. I want to be able to make my own clothing and build a raft. I know how to skin most animals (thanks Dad), but I could be better. Hell, I want to know what I need to know. If the apocalypse happens, and I manage to make it out alive, I want to be a key player in my team's survival. I never want to have to buy soap again.*

*Unless it's Lush, because that stuff is freaking orgasmic.

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